Chickens are the new rave. I have several friends who raise chickens. After setting up the chicken coop and feeders, I get pictures of how quickly they are growing….like passing around baby pics. Raising chickens is not only a source of eggs in this expensive time we live in, but also a fun time for families to share. It is a great way to build empathy for animals and responsibility in your youth.

When looking at chores, consider children’s ages and immune systems. If your child is prone to illness, keep him/her away from sweeping and cleaning out the chicken coop. This can raise dust and germs in the air that young kids breathe in which could potentially make them sick. Using masks and gloves during cleaning is a good way to protect them. Chores should be supervised for kids 10 and under, and it’s always best to have kids wash their hands before and after chores to keep animals and kids safe.

So what chores can your kids do? Simple! Younger kids (ages 3-5) can help in gathering eggs, and filling up the feeder and water bins. As kids gather eggs, practice their counting skills!  As children get older (6-10), they can also begin cleaning out the coop, replacing the bedding, painting the coop, and even making treats for the chickens. These chores teach responsibility, preparing them for any future pets your family adopts.

Children will squeal with delight as the chickens race around them, and there is nothing cuter and more rewarding then teaching your kids to care for something other than themselves. Have fun with your kids! Their laughter and smiles with your chickens will build memories for everyone.