Compost & Septic

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Compost Plus

Promote oxygen and heat through our formulated microbe blend that breaks down organic matter. From your natural foods to debris in your yard, Compost Plus will accelerate the break down of organic matter and turn it into nutrient rich compost. 

Septic System+

Our microbe formula liquifies organic solids and neutralizes odors to keep your septic running smooth. Less pump-outs = less cost. Our time-release formula works all month long, just flush 1 bag per month. Great for RV use. 


Billions of Microbes

Our formula contains billions of bacteria and microbes to do all the work. Each product has a unique blend that was hand-picked by our team to get the job done right, naturally.


Breaks Down

Dr. Connie’s Compost and Septic products are a formulated microbe blend, highly concentrated to break down excess waste, grease, oil, debris and turn it into nutrient rich fertilizer.



Growing a greener future. We value our Earth’s ecosystem, working with nature and not against it. Naturally breaking down waste and distributing nutrients back into the earth. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Dr. Connie’s products contain GMOs?

No! Our products do not contain any genetically engineered organisms. Our products are completely all natural.

Can Dr. Connie’s Compost and Septic treated organic matter be used as a fertilizer?

Yes! Our products have shown high-nutrient value and produced positive results to be added in all soil types as a fertilizer.

How do you apply Dr. Connie’s Compost & Septic products?

COMPOST: Take the recommended amount of product and sprinkle over compost pile. Pile must remain damp enough to break down the product, but do not soak. 

SEPTIC: Flush 1 bag down the toilet 1 time per month. Works all-month long.

Will there be adverse effects if I use more of less than the recommended dosage that is directed on the label?

We have conducted numerous studies regarding the optimal dosage and we recommend following the label’s directions to achieve optimal results and product benefits.