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Lawn & Garden Enhancer

Our Natural Lawn & Garden products will benefit your plants by boosting microbial activity in the soil to promote root growth and rapid nutrient absorption which will help to increase yields, stronger plants, and reduce plant stress!


Root Development

Our formula helps establish healthy root systems at the beginning of growth. Increases plants tolerance to stresses and strengthens root growth, flowering rates and productivity.


Higher Yields

Dr. Connie’s products enhance nutrient uptake and helps provide a healthy environment for plant health. Higher-yields are produced across the treated areas compared to non-treated.



Growing a greener future. We value our Earth’s ecosystem, working with nature and not against it. Naturally improving soil health, nutrient uptake and root development for overall plant health. 

Real Results

See our treated vs non-treated results!


Better yields treating before planting


Two weeks after planting


Higher yield treating with Dr. Connie's products vs non-treated

I saw great results and appearance from my brand new landscaped flower garden. We mixed the contents with water and it was easy to distribute. My flowers were bright and standing tall only a day later.

Bob T.

August - Minnesota

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Dr. Connie’s Lawn & Garden products contain GMOs?

No! Our products do not contain any genetically engineered organisms. Our products are completely all natural.

Can Dr. Connie’s Lawn & Garden products be used in any soil type?

Yes! Our products have shown versatility and have produced positive results in all soil types.

How do you apply Dr. Connie’s Lawn & Garden products?

Take the recommended amount of product and mix with the appropriate amount of water and pour at the base of the plant. Follow up with a watering of plain water to make sure the product dissolves and soaks into the soil.

Will there be adverse effects if I use more of less than the recommended dosage that is directed on the label?

We have conducted numerous studies regarding the optimal dosage and we recommend following the label’s directions to achieve optimal results and product benefits.