The first week in May is International Composting Awareness Week, so what better time to start a composting pile of your own? The benefits of composting are many – it helps soil retain moisture, both adds nutrients and helps soil hold nutrients, and promotes healthier roots – just to name a few advantages.

But how do you get started? If you have the room for a larger composting area – great! As mentioned in our previous blog, there are tons of DIY compost pit directions out there, as well as many larger bins you can purchase. If you have limited space and are thinking there is no way you can compost, don’t count yourself out. Subpod® has created the Subpod Mini, which is “designed for smaller households and inner-city living,” has step-by-step instructions right on the lid, and arrives packaged in call compostable materials.

So, let’s say you have your composting space, now what? First, know what to compost. You want a balance of green (plant and vegetable) and brown (leaves and paper) matter. Aside from the things you might typically think of, items like coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, and cotton and wool rags can be composted. At the same time, you want to avoid dairy products, pet waste, and fats and grease. Here is a more comprehensive list of compost “dos” and “don’ts”.

Then, you want a bucket or container of some kind (an ice cream pail is our family’s go-to) to collect your compost items in, so you don’t have to make a trip to the compost pile at every meal. Next, when you add to your pile, moisten if the materials are dry. Another item you’ll want to add to your compost pile is Dr. Connie’s Compost Plus.

This naturally accelerates the composting process using microbes in an all-natural formula to minimize odor and break down waste. You also want to turn or mix your pile often, and once your pile is established, bury the vegetable waste under a few layers. You’ll know your compost is ready to use when the material at the bottom of your pile is a dark, rich color. Then add it to your garden and watch your plants grow!