The first house we bought came with hedges. I am not an outdoorsy person, and my husband isn’t a landscaping person, so the hedges were a bane to our existence. I finally put my big girl pants on, along with long gloves because I am allergic to everything green, and got out the hedge trimmer to attempt trimming. It’s a good thing I’m a quick learner.

First, know what kind of hedge you have. This will help you determine when during the year it is best to trim it. It will also help you research how often it should be trimmed.

Second, have sharp trimmers. I used electric ones but there are many types. Find one you are comfortable with, and keep them sharpened for easier trimming.

Some hedges have different ways to trim them. You can use a frame of sorts to help guide your lines or even string. Keep it simple-especially when first starting out. Frame the shape you want or tie the string to the correct height. This is easier than trying to eyeball it. I used a simple box shape and kept my hedges about waist high.

Don’t stress over trimming and don’t fear it! Trimming hedges promotes healthy growth and can always be redone if you mess up. Take a little bit off at a time to see what you like, and remember, it will come back if you make a mistake! The biggest advice I can give is put those big kid pants on and enjoy a new challenge. Have faith, have fun, and learn something new!