We know we shouldn’t have favorites, but it’s hard not to fall in love with the sensory showcase that is autumn.  Autumn is Mother Nature’s season to don her most colorful attire and dazzle us with her beauty.  

Her Majesty awes us with her quiltwork as she blankets the earth with a stunning pattern of jewel toned leaves to protect it from the winter cold ahead. 

She weaves a magic spell across the crops that turns them overnight from a jeweled, rich green to an unparalleled Aztec gold.  

The master artist paints the sky with moody shades of blue and gray that creates the perfect complement to her display of royal colors.

And each evening she puts us to bed with a dazzling sunset that reflects the color of the season. The hues darken the objects of this world into an inky silhouette.  She bids us goodnight and reminds us to revere the beauty in front of us, to let the things that trouble us fade to dark.

Our love of the season, and really the wonder of all seasons, drove us to create Dr. Connie’s as our tribute to Mother Nature.  We have harnessed the resources she generously provides us to create products that help care for our planet and its inhabitants.

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